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How to use corporate email with Gmail

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Today we bring you a guide on how to use corporate email with Gmail. You can centralize your email accounts into one by setting up email accounts with your own domain in Gmail. A simple way not to lose a single email, if you use several accounts, regardless of the server you use, your own or not. In addition, another advantage is that in a single interface you will be able to send, read, receive and label mails.

You can set up your business email in your personal Gmail account, for example, or have a business email in Gmail but that works with your own domain and not @gmail.com, making it look professional and when you can use the Gmail mail manager, instead of Outlook or others.

Receive corporate mail in Gmail address

We access the Gmail account and press the gear-shaped button on the right side of the screen and then "Show all settings".

Once in the "Settings" menu, we enter the "Accounts and import" tab. Of the following options, the one we need is: «Add another email address» in «Send mail as:».

A pop-up window will then appear. Here we enter the corporate email account. And click on "Next step".

configure email domain gmail How to use corporate email with Gmail

On the next screen you need to enter your email settings. If we manage your mail at Artic Agency, the configuration will be as follows:

  • SMTP server: mail.elteudomini.com
  • Port: 465
  • Username: elteucorreu@elteudomini.com
  • password: The password we sent you
  • Check the Secure connection using SSL option
configure email domain gmail How to use corporate email with Gmail

And that's it! From now on you will be able to send emails using your company email account from Gmail. When you go to send a new email, a dropdown will appear in the options and you can select from which account you are sending it.

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