Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Conversion Rate Optimization, convert visitors into customers
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We optimize your website and e-commerce so that visits turn into sales

Improving the conversion rate and optimizing sales flows is essential once you are already getting traffic on the web, be it via SEO, SEM, social networks or all combined. It's time to make all your digital marketing efforts worthwhile

Once the objective of generate a large volume of quality traffic and stable towards a website, after devoting a great deal of time and resources to SEO (Web Positioning), PPC (Google or Facebook Ads), SMM (Social Networks)…, we will only be halfway to the success of our online channel.

Working to improve the rate of obtaining value from our website will be key because the overall return on investment of the online channel improve substantially. And to achieve this we will have to research the audience of our website and theirs browsing habits, testing different versions of pages and determining how best to target different visitor goals towards a conversion, towards what they are looking for and need.


What is part of the CRO?

The CRO encompasses the application and follow-up of the conclusions drawn through web analytics, but also the extraction of additional information about our users that complement and enrich our base for decision-making, conducting surveys, pilot tests, testing, database analysis. Thanks to the CRO we will be able to establish one customer intelligence dashboard which will allow us to fine-tune our online communication actions.

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How does conversion rate optimization work?

In working on CRO beyond creativity, A/B testing and applying best practices, there is an essential aspect that consists of never lose sight of the customer. Empathy and understanding of the thought processes our visitors go through. From here, both software and the Google Analytics Content Experiments they offer us everything we need to start working. We start with small changes that are easy to implement and measure. And we're wise to make changes as isolated as possible, to make sure we're attributing variations in conversion rate for the right reason.


We offer constant and rigorous work optimization of the conversion task. From Artic Agency we help you understand your visitors and offer them what they want to see in the way they want. "Knowing how to listen to people and give everyone what they want", this can also be done online.