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Get the engagement you need with good email marketing campaigns

The mass sending of emails (or emailing), unlike what is believed, can be done well, and is very effective, we explain why and how

Email Marketing, in the most classic sense, consists of sending commercial messages via email to a group of people who may well be customers or potential customers. In general, it involves the sending of advertisements, promotions, business requests... and it is meant to foster loyalty, trust, or brand awareness.

However, emailing within the philosophy of Inbound Marketing is only understood as a Opt-in emailing or permission marketing. A method by which the recipient of the advertisement has given consent and wish to receive our emails.

Email marketing within the online strategy

With emailing integrated into our general content strategy, it's not just about ensuring that our messages don't annoy our recipients, but that the content we offer them are really of interest to you, that they are waiting and looking forward to receiving them.

We need to work so that the subject matter and periodicity of our messages is as close as possible to the preferences of our subscriber groups. This involves using marketing automation tools that allow us to segment and analyze the response of recipients and that allow them to modify their preferences at any time in the easiest and most convenient way possible.

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And how do we get it?

We must try to engage in conversation with our users and elicit their feedback the same way we do it in social media. Achieve the highest possible level of personalization by be really relevant and achieve a high degree of satisfaction among our customers or potential customers.

In Artic Agency we integrate emailing into the global content strategy to get the most out of our efforts – we reuse materials in various channels –. In addition, we perform fine-tuned performance analytics that allow us a continuous optimization of our actions.