Web Analytics (Google Analytics)

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We help you know where your website users come from, how and what they do

Web analytics is essential to know the results of the work done, both on your website or e-commerce, as in all other online marketing

All the projects and actions we undertake online must be strongly based and oriented to web analytics. Web analytics determine the effectiveness of our communication or marketing efforts and allow us to maximize the return on our investment.

Thanks to the ability to collect and present data from the web, analytics helps improve business performance. Web analytics consists of monitoring, measuring, analyzing and reporting web data. Its purpose is to help understand the origin, the behavior and the intentions of the visitors.

Web analytics management

The creation of a web analytics plan can help us know our audience, know how our marketing actions work, and evaluate the performance of our sites and content. And with a tool like Google Analytics we will have an incredible ability to parameterize specific measurements on your basic reporting structure: audience reports; acquisition; of behavior; conversion; i customized reports and dashboards.

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management of google ads and facebook ads

And what is achieved?

In web analytics it is essential to clearly define the conversion objectives, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), data collection methodology, personalized metrics, reporting... But, above all, it is essential to establish a work guideline that allows us to transfer all this analytical effort to concrete actions on our website and ours online marketing.

At Artic Agency we have a very pragmatic view of the role that web analytics should play in organizations. Measuring is not an end in itself. We measure to act, which is why we simplify reports and processes to allocate the maximum possible effort to the implementation of improvements.