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Welcome to the Arctic Partners Program.

On this page we will explain how to work with us as a partner and all the conditions to be able to get commissions for making us known.

About Artic Agency

At Artic Agency we help entrepreneurs and professionals to have a TOP website so that they can dedicate themselves exclusively to the truly important thing in your business: selling, thanks to the credibility and reputation given to them by a coherent and thought-out design with a specific objective.

We specialize in strategic websites. The fundamental goal is to create a website congruent with the principles and values that wants to reflect our client in front of his audience, working on an impeccable professional image that places him in the market immediately and differentiates him from his competition, radically improving the ability to generate income.

Our design services also include a lead capture funnel implemented in web development.

We offer web design services, branding, content marketing, management and creation of Ads campaigns, WordPress maintenance, social network management and everything that a company entails on the online side.

If after reading these lines you have any doubts or questions, ask us what you need in the final form.

The keys to the "Arctic Partner" program

With this program, you can help us reach more people so that they finally feel that they have a website that matches your business. Let them be proud to show it to their visitors.

We are at Artic Agency committed to putting a strategic website within the reach of anyone who wants to take advantage of the weapons of the internet to start a professional digital business.

Artic Agency currently offers multiple digital services, which you, as a partner, can promote.

Services aimed at entrepreneurs, info producers and professionals from different sectors who want to start or expand their business in the online channel.

Services you can sell as an Artic Partner

Corporate identity

You can sell the entire corporate image creation service for companies and institutions (creation of logos, style book, design, business communication, etc...)

Web design and development

All services related to digital and internet support. Corporate websites, virtual stores, custom projects, multimedia digital content, etc...

SEO positioning optimization

All Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services

Paid Search (PPC)

Creation and management of pay-per-click search campaigns.

Social networks

Network management services and marketing campaigns in them.

Content marketing

Content creation services relevant to brands, focused on sales objectives.

Instructions to be

Arctic Partner

partners Do you want to be an Artic Partner?


Fill out the form

Fill out the Artic Partner form by clicking the button.


Wait for our response

Upon approving your request, we will send you a confirmation email, and the information you must provide to be referred to as an Artic Partner.


earn money

By promoting our services you will earn a commission every time someone refers you at the time of purchase (don't worry, we always ask if they don't tell us right away). We will pay you in the method you have chosen.


What commissions can you earn?

one 15% in all our services. Sales commissions that you take as a partner/affiliate when the customer referred by you ends up becoming a customer of any of our services, such as:


  • Web Design Service: 15% for each project you reference. For a Standard Website you get €270, for a Wow Website €440, ...
  • Web Positioning Service: 15% for each project. For a Standard Company you get €225, for a Wow Company €299, ...
  • Maintenance Service and WP support: up to 15% recurrent for each website. Basic €6.4/month, Premium €9.7/month, …

Affiliate Program Payment Terms and Conditions

  • Purchases of services made by the partner themselves are not counted.
  • If there is any ongoing promotion, this will be subtracted from the total before applying the commission percentage per sale.
  • Course or infoproduct commission payments are made based on sales events (clicks on affiliate links) identified in ThriveCart.
  • The services can also be referenced and accounted for in this way or through an email if there has already been some collaboration on both sides, or at least you have completed the Artic Partner form and we have given you the OK.
  • Payments will be made every 90 days and the Artic Partner must have accumulated at least €150 in commissions.