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What do we do?

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Social Networks

With billions of users worldwide, social media provides an excellent marketing opportunity to reach your target audience. through organic methods and payment in real time.

Content marketing

Effective content marketing helps you attract and retain current and potential customers. Our content marketing experts will help you a create and distribute valuable content and relevant that addresses the needs of your target audience and helps them make a purchasing decision.



At Artic Agency we focus on creating unique marketing strategies and customized to properly reflect your business goals. Our approach to developing a winning marketing strategy includes analyzing your brand, market, audience and more.

Web Design and Development

At Artic Agency we don't just create websites, we we create digital experiences. We work with you to improve your digital presence through modern and quality websites.


Optimization of Positioning

(Search Engine Optimization, SEO)

Want to set your website up for long-term success?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process to increase organic traffic improving your ranking for relevant queries in major search engines.

Branding + Corporate identity

Your brand is an important aspect that can influence your current and potential customers. From the creation of a strong visual identity and a company image, our team will guide you through the branding process.

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Paid Search – PPC

Increase the right visitors to your website.

The fastest way to generate leads and sales for your business is through pay-per-click advertising. We create and manage pay-per-click campaigns to attract the right customers.



 We connect companies, startups and organizations with the right sales opportunities and provide the precise information you need to reach your next customer, convert your next lead and close your deal.

We work for you to find the right customers to drive and sustain your growth. Using data as the backbone, we create, analyze and deliver marketing that delivers actionable insights and tangible results. We never settle for less.

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Web positioning

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Schedule an introductory call. We can meet in person, by video call or by phone to get to know you and your project.

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Plan + Strategy

We have a marked and easy process to create or improve your website or marketing campaigns so that you impress your potential visitors and you convert them into customers.

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Build + Publish

We turn the strategic plan into a website you can be proud of. After launch, we will be your digital marketing partner to make you grow even more.


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The ultimate digital marketing agency and trusted partner you'll ever need

Creating solutions, delivering results

At Artic Agency we believe that every company and brand needs a trusted agency to help them a take advantage of marketing opportunities through a variety of different digital channels. Our team takes a unique approach to each project and campaign. Focusing on create innovative and personalized marketing plans that reflect our clients' goals while acting as a partner throughout the process.

We are looking for talent

Commercial Leader (March 2023)

Do you have commercial experience in the digital marketing industry? We are looking for someone with the ability to find opportunities and convey to potential leads our way of working and our values.

Senior PHP Full Stack Developer (February 2023)

Good developers are always needed to expand our services, and we are looking for a senior profile with frontend and backend experience to lead a new team we are forming.

we are looking for talent Artic Agency | Digital Marketing and Web Design Barcelona

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We are looking for an account manager for the Penedès

We are looking for an account manager for the Penedès

Do you want to start working in a digital marketing startup? Are you from the Penedès area? Do you have the ability to work with very diverse tasks, are you flexible, do you have good communication with clients, are you eager to learn, and grow and make the company grow? If you have...