FundasBCN: Inbound Marketing for eCommerce

FundasBCN is a pure eCommerce startup, in need of Inbound Marketing for eCommerce, which is growing at double-digit rates thanks to innovation in its product concept and your commitment to online marketing. All their marketing investment is concentrated online and specifically in Inbound Marketing. They have Artic Agency to be leaders in the Spanish market and start, with an internationalization strategy on the French, English and German and Dutch markets.

FundasBCN practically has doubled the number of visits of non-brand audience in the first year. In addition, the traffic generated from organic traffic has increased the conversion rate by 28%.

The power of details

We include Instagram and Pinterest in FundasBCN's social media palette. Besides, we give more weight to the work on social media which generates very interesting results due to the channel's affinity with its target audience.

Inbound Marketing is a discipline where the general principles are easy to understand and apply. The vocation to deepen makes the difference. The secret is in the details.


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