New category: Safe Workplace of the Digital Kit 2024

The Digital Kit and Artic Agency Safe Work site has arrived, we understand that the barrage of information about what's new in the Digital Kit can be overwhelming and often more confusing than enlightening. That's why we've decided to create this space to answer your initial questions and help you make the most of everything the Digital Kit has to offer.

What is Kit Digital's safe workplace?

The new category announced by RED.ES of Order TDF/435/2024, of May 9, is the Safe Workplace. This category allows SMEs to receive a laptop, complying with strict specifications to guarantee its functionality and safety. The device, which will be delivered by us, will include 12 months of support and care, as well as cyber security protection.

One of the big questions from some customers is whether a mobile phone or tablet can be requested. The answer that RED has given us is clear: NO, it is not compatible with the specified conditions. So, if you find yourself in the situation where some digitizer offers you this product, we advise you to be careful, as RED has been clear on this aspect and this type of devices is not included in the solution.

Technical characteristics of the computer

The computer for Segment III must meet the following specifications:

  • Processor: Minimum 4 physical cores and clock speed of at least 2.9 GHz.
  • Performance: Minimum score of 15,000 in PassMark Software.
  • RAM memory: 16GB DDR4 or higher.
  • Storage: Minimum 512GB NVMe SSD, with encryption at rest.
  • Operating system: Professional, pre-installed and licensed.
  • Graphic card: Dedicated or integrated, with minimum Full HD resolution and support for two monitors in laptops.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6 or higher, Bluetooth 5.1 or higher.
  • Interfaces: USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI, audio I/O.
  • Screen: Minimum 13 inches in laptops.
  • Others: Optical mouse, HD webcam, battery (in laptops), SmartCard reader, ENERGY STAR®, EPEAT™ Silver, TCO, and robustness according to MIL STD 810H certifications.

Computers with these characteristics or higher will be delivered in all cases. Warranty, support and assistance included.

I have already enjoyed the Starter Kit, can I access the expansion for this new category?

Yes, SMEs that have already received a Kit can access the new funds. All SMEs in Segment III (those with between 0 and 2 employees) have the option to request an extension of their Kit, regardless of whether it has already been granted, spent or expired.

What is the process like, do they give me the money and I buy the computer or are you in charge?

The terms of RED state that the beneficiary must have a secure workplace, which in this case is a fully configured computer, with support, assistance and cyber security. That's why the company you trust that you authorize to request the Kit will be in charge of sending you this computer to the address you give them. This, in part, is to be able to meet the requirements of RED.ES regarding the functionality and the benefits of the equipment, which will be verified by RED.ES at the 12 months of provision. In case of non-compliance with any requirement, this category will not be validated, which may lead to a claim for the amount by the administration to the beneficiary and the company in charge.

What is the process for applying for the Kit extension?

If Artic Agency managed your Digital Kit, you don't have to worry: we will take care of applying for the extension for you. In case you have managed your Kit by other means and need help, we are here to assist you in the process. Call us or send us an email requesting information at

Calendar for the application

Although we already have preliminary information, we are still unable to process extension requests immediately. The official deadline for applying for the extension will open in June. Once enabled, we will automatically handle the process if we originally processed your Kit.

Have you ever ordered the Digital Kit?

For those who have not yet applied for a Kit, the good news is that the new amount will be €3,000, instead of the initial €2,000. This means that when requesting a new Kit, the additional extension for the safe workplace category. However, it is important for you to know that you cannot apply for the Digital Kit solely for the safe workplace. You must use one of the other categories.

Here you have information from the other categories so you can digitize your company even more.

What can you use this extension for?

Using the extension depends on your current situation:

  • If you have already spent your Kit and you have been granted the €1,000 extension, the additional amount can only be used for the "Safe Workplace" category.
  • If you have requested a Kit and you have been awarded €3,000 directly, you can allocate the amount to any solution within the Digital Kit categories.

Terms of service

The computer provided will not be owned, but in service This means that upon completion of Phase II of the service, you (as the beneficiary) will be able to acquire ownership of the hardware prior payment of the residual value. This value cannot in any case be higher than 15% of the amount of the solution. Don't worry, we are doing our best to keep this amount to a minimum and when we say minimum it is very minimal. Before validating any agreement we will discuss the final conditions in this regard, there will be no surprises.

The devices they must be new and not refurbished, with clear characteristics, they cannot be second hand. RED has announced that support and maintenance will be provided 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. In case of failure or breakage, the equipment will be replaced within a maximum of 5 days. The devices will have an operating system installed and cybersecurity licenses so that they are ready-to-use workplaces.

Benefits of requesting the Kit or extension with us:

  • We exceed requirements: Our equipment complies with the requirements of the BOE and in case of incidents with stock, they will always be of superior characteristics, never inferior to what we have indicated.
  • Antivirus EDR: It includes a powerful Panda Adaptive 360 EDR.
  • 24/7 support: Availability every day of the year in person and remotely, extending the assistance guarantee announced by RED.
  • Direct delivery: We take care of the delivery without you having to worry.
  • Request and justification: We handle the procedures for you at no cost.
  • Configured equipment: We deliver the equipment ready to use.

If you wish to benefit from this new Digital Kit category, which will allow you to enjoy a fully operational and protected computer for 13 months, contact with us and we will take care of managing everything for you to receive your equipment.

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