Security Alert: Impersonation of Artic Agency by Phishing

Impersonation of'Identity of'Artic Agency

Date: November 16, 2023

Writing: Artic Agency Security Team

What is happening?

We have identified a serious security incident where fraudsters they are impersonating ours company to obtain personal data of users. We would like to warn you that these fraudulent acts are not associated with Artic Agency.

Scammers are contacting people through WhatsApp, Telegram and social media, posing as Artic Agency representatives. They promise financial benefits in exchange for watching videos or performing certain tasks online. This scheme is a trap to obtain personal and financial data.

In no case have the scammers stolen information or data from us or our customers, but they are just using our name to whitewash their phishing scam.

How to identify the scam?

  • Unsolicited Requests: Artic Agency never asks for personal or financial data through WhatsApp, Telegram or any other social network. Our communication is direct with our Account Managers through the official e-mails or telephone numbers of our company: 641 483 633, 810 101 910 y
  • Unreal offers: Promises of easy earnings or disproportionate benefits are red flags.
  • Suspicious links: Don't click on links in emails or messages that look suspicious.

Examples of conversations sent to us:

Examples of similar scams

  • Mercadona: Mercadona warned a few years ago about job offers in its name circulating on social networks and some mobile messaging applications. Fraudsters fraudulently use the image of the supermarket as a hook to obtain confidential data with the hook of "job opportunities" that do not exist.
  • Vueling: A WhatsApp message using Vueling's visual identity advertises a supposed promotion of 35,000 free plane seats.
  • Port aventura: PortAventura offers 5 free tickets to 1000 families to celebrate their birthday. In the URL of the announcement on Twitter and other social networks, it was appreciated that, instead of Portaventura, it put Portavantura, with a.
  • Movistar: In August 2021, a new phishing campaign tried to impersonate Movistar with a spoofed email address that looked completely real: In addition, the message contained an a priori link to the Movistar home page. But when hovering over it, the hyperlink was different: it redirected to a web page with the name Movistarbusiness or Movistar-empresas, which mimics the Mi Movistar interface.
  • Endeavor: To scam Endesa or other electricity companies, hackers send an email pretending to be the company and inform the victim that, as a result of an error, they have paid the last bill twice. After telling you the amount and incident number, the cybercriminals provide you with a link to confirm your refund details.

Measures to take

If you suspect you have been contacted by these scammers, please:

  • Do not share personal information: avoid giving out any personal or financial data. You do not provide age, address or any data that could harm you.
  • Report the incident: Contact us through to report the incident.
  • Change your passwords: if you've shared passwords, change them immediately.

Stay informed and safe

We will continue to monitor this situation and provide relevant updates. Remember that the safety of our users is our priority.

And to our customers, we want to inform them with total transparency that nor there has been any data leakage or compromise in our systems. Our security measures are designed to continuously and effectively protect your personal and financial information. We want to assure you that the security and privacy of your data are our highest priority.

Although we have taken all necessary measures to protect your data, too it is important that you remain vigilant. Remember:

  • Never share your personal or financial information through unverified channels.
  • Only your Account Manager is authorized to contact you, any changes will always be notified through the usual channels.
  • Change your passwords regularly and use strong and unique passwords.

Thank you for trusting Artic Agency. We are committed not only to providing you with the best services, but also to guarantee the security and privacy of your data at all times.

Artic Agency – Committed to your safety

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