Smspere Supplies: Web design with the Digital Kit 2024

Have a web design with the Digital Kit? it is possible and easy, nowadays, transforming your business is not just an option, but a necessity. There are few, if not minimal, businesses that can make themselves known without being present in the digital world. At Artic Agency, we are experts in turning this challenge into an opportunity, as we have demonstrated with our successful project for Subministraments Sant Pere.

Nowadays, there are many possibilities to digitize your business and, for this reason, we invite you to get to know one of them: the Digital Kit.

What is the digital kit??

The Digital Kit is a government initiative that offers grants to digitize businesses. It is designed to support small businesses, micro-enterprises and freelancers on their way to technological modernization.

Did you take that into account? It can be the springboard for your business success.

We tell you about one of our web designs with the Digital Kit, the case of Subministraments Sant Pere. A company dedicated to the supply of electrical equipment since 2014 that has experienced an exceptional digital transformation with our help. Through the Digital Kit subsidy, we have created one web platform that not only improves your online presence, but also optimizes your relationship with customers and streamlines your internal operations. This success story is a clear testimony to the power of digitization in the modern business world.

But what are the requirements to be part of this transformation?

To be eligible, your company must meet several criteria:

  • Have between 0 and 50 employees.
  • Be registered with Acelera Pyme and complete the digital test.
  • Respect the limit of small amounts of aid (minimums).
  • Comply with the financial and cash limits defined by the categories of companies.
  • Be registered with the required minimum seniority.
  • Be aware of tax and Social Security obligations.
  • Not be subject to a recovery order from the European Commission.
  • Comply with the requirements of the General Law on Subsidies.

Don't let the procedure limit you, don't worry we'll take care of everything free of charge.

What does Web Design include with the Digital Kit?

  • Own domain with registration for one year
  • Web development in self-managing CMS with a maximum of 5 pages
  • Inclusion of Logo and corporate colors in the layout
  • Responsive design
  • Basic SEO: Keyword analysis, On-Page Site, indexing and SEO audit
  • Advanced Design
  • Adaptation of the RGPD
  • Accessibility AA
  • One year of maintenance, support and training
  • Web hosting for one year
Web design with the Digital Kit Smspere Supplies: Web design with the Digital Kit 2024

Benefits of Digitization

Digitization offers multiple advantages, such as the optimization of processes, improvement in communication with customers and an increase in the visibility of the business. In an increasingly connected world, not digitizing can mean being left behind.

The most requested digital solutions include the creation of websites and online stores, as well as robust cyber security plans. These tools not only improve your company's online presence, but also protect your and your customers' information, which is crucial in today's digital world.

At Artic Agency, we not only help you digitize your business, but we also take care of the entire application process and management of the Digital Kit. Our team will advise you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to digitalisation.

Digitization is not exclusive to large corporations. Companies of all sizes can and should take advantage of digital tools to compete and grow in today's market. With the Digital Kit and Artic Agency support, the digital future is at your fingertips.

Digital transformation is the way to the future for any business. With Artic Agency and the Digital Kit, this process is not only accessible, but also simple and effective. It's your chance to join the digital revolution and take your business to the next level.

Discover how we can help you transform your business in the digital world. visit Artic Agency to learn more and start your journey to digital transformation today.

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