Psychologist Bibiana Bidiella: Personalized web design

Personalized Web Design

At Artic Agency, we are proud to share success stories that demonstrate how our commitment to excellence and innovation can transform the online presence of professionals and businesses. On this occasion, we want to present you a project that we carried out in collaboration with the psychologist Bibiana Badiella, whose website became a concrete manifestation of its identity and services thanks to the lost grant of European funds Next Generation with the RED.ES Digital Kit.

A customized web design

The process began with a clear goal: to develop a website that reflected Bibiana Badiella's passion and professionalism in her psychological practice. Following the strict requirements of RED.ES, we immersed ourselves in the creative process to ensure that every detail matched their vision and expectations for the project.

The personalization was the key. From the beginning, we made sure the web design captured the essence of their therapeutic approach and style. Every aspect, from the choice of colors to the layout of information, was carefully considered to convey his professionalism and compassion.

Personalized Web Design 1 Psychologist Bibiana Bidiella: Personalized web design

Characteristics of the project

The website for Bibiana Badiella was created following the guidelines and specific features of the RED.ES Digital Kit:

  • Own domain and registration: We guaranteed your website to have a unique and custom domain, with a registration for one year.
  • Self-managed CMS web development: We opted for a content management system (CMS) that allowed Bibiana to easily manage and update her site and we were able to keep the structure simple and focused on relevant content.
  • Professional visual identity: Including their logo and corporate colors in the layout reinforced their brand image and provided consistency across the site.
  • Responsive design: Recognizing the importance of accessibility from different devices, we made sure that the design adapts to screens of all sizes.
  • Basic SEO and adaptation to the RGPD: We implemented search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to increase Bibiana's online visibility. We also ensured that the site complies with GDPR requirements for data protection.
  • Accessibility and maintenance: We included AA accessibility features to ensure the site is accessible to all visitors. In addition, we provided one year of maintenance, support and training to ensure optimal operation.
  • Web Hosting: We provided web hosting for a year, ensuring its stability and constant availability.

A commitment to digital transformation

The web design project for Bibiana Badiella is a testament to how the RED.ES Digital Kit can transform the online presence of professionals and companies. At Artic Agency, we are dedicated to providing customized solutions that not only meet technical requirements, but also reflect the essence and values of our clients.

Personalized Web Design Psychologist Bibiana Bidiella: Personalized web design

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