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Corporate Web Design by OhmMum!360: We must highlight that OhmMum! 360 is a company created by two girls, friends and mothers with a deep feeling towards motherhood and early childhood who have seen the need to provide a comprehensive service to pregnant and postpartum women and for this they needed a corporate web design.

That's why they looked for a digital agency specialized in web design and development, digital marketing and branding, based in Spain that could reflect their vision and values, and that offered a user experience intuitive and easy to use.

In this article, we will describe how Artic Agency carried out a single page corporate web design that met the requirements of the company Ohmum!360.

Corporate web design OHMUM!360: Corporate web design
Corporate web design for OhMum!360

Artic Agency worked closely with Ohmum360 to create a corporate web design. The process goes start with an initial meeting in which Artic Agency collected information about the targets of the company, your target audience and their technical requirements.

Artic Agency then presented a web design proposal that included page structure, color palette, image styling, and other visual elements. Ohmum360 approved the proposal and Artic Agency started at to work in the development of web site

Corporate Web Design OHMUM!360: Corporate web design

The corporate web design created by Artic Agency for Ohmum360 is a single page, with a modern and fresh look. The main page features a large image of a smiling pregnant woman, with the company's products below the image.

  • Yoga for pregnant women
  • Fit Mum
  • Dance mum
  • Hypopressors and postpartum recovery
  • Preparation for childbirth and physiotherapy
  • Tea time

In short, Artic Agency created a corporate web design modern and attractive of a single page for Ohmum360, which reflected the vision and values of the company. The web design also provided a user experience intuitive and easy to use, with one clear navigation and integration with social networks. The final result was one professional web page that helped Ohmum360 a connect with your target audience already to increase her online visibility.

Why hire Artic agency for the creation of a corporate web design?

In Artic Agency, we are a digital agency with a wide experience and professionalism in web design and development, digital marketing and branding. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who have worked on many successful projects.

One of the main benefits of hiring us is our customization capability. Each project we carry out is adapted to the specific needs of the client. In the case of single page corporate web design, we will work in a personalized way to offer you unique and effective solutions that fit the needs of your company.

At Artic Agency, we have worked on many successful corporate web design projects, which means we have a great amount of knowledge and experience to share with you We can offer you advice about what design and style they would be more effective for your company.

Contact us to request your free consultation.


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