Mas Gomà 1724: Winery web design

Cellar web design

Celler web design, a revolution for Mas Gomà.

Mas Gomà, a prestigious winery located in the heart of Catalonia, has confident in Artic Agency to create a new web design that reflects its excellence and wine tradition. Through an innovative Celler web design, our team has worked tirelessly to develop one attractive and functional digital platform that allows visitors to explore the wealth of Mas Gomà wines.

Cellar web design 1 Mas Gomà 1724: Cellar web design

In this article, we will dive into the details of this project and like the Cellar web design has revolutionized the online image of Mas Gomà

Cellar web design

The main objective of this web design was to capture the essence of Mas Gomà, combining tradition and modernity in a intuitive digital platform. Celler design has been based on the following key elements:

  • Intuitive navigation: The main menu on the home page is simple and easy to understand, allowing visitors to quickly access the different sections of the website, the winery, the wines, and the history of the winery.
  • Evocative images, videos and colors: The design uses high quality images of Mas Gomà's vineyards, cellars and wines. This, along with a soft, earthy color palette, creates a welcoming atmosphere and elegance.
  • Simple and efficient online shop: Products are organized by category and detailed descriptions of each wine are provided.
  • Responsive and adaptive: The Celler web design is compatible with different devices and screens, ensuring an optimal user experience for visitors accessing the site from mobiles, tablets or computers.
  • Social media integration: The design incorporates social media icons and sharing features, allowing visitors to connect with Mas Gomà through their favorite social platforms and share their love of wine with friends and family.


The new Celler de Mas Gomà web design has been one resounding success, significantly improving the online presence of the winery and attracting new customers interested in discovering its exquisite wines. In addition, the improved functionality and ease of use have increased sales and the visit reservations in the cellar

With the Celler web design, Artic Agency has created a digital platform that combines style, functionality and innovation for Mas Gomà. Their new online presence is a true reflection of theirs excellence and tradition, allowing visitors to explore the world of Mas Gomà wine in a way intuitive and elegant.

This project is a clear example of the commitment of the Artic Agency when offering solutions of web design personalized and of quality to our customers. We are proud to have collaborated with Mas Gomà on this digital transformation and to help them achieve theirs business goals

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Why hire Artic agency for the creation of a winery web design?

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