Barcelona Hotels Guild: Positioning in the tourism sector

Positioning in the tourism sector is critical and very competitive. The Guild of Hotels of Barcelona it has a reservation center on the Internet. In its sector and with a tourist destination at the level of Barcelona, ​​competition to capture organic traffic is maximum.

In this project, we work along two lines.

On the one hand, increasing internationalization mainly on European issuing markets. And, on the other hand, establishing a content strategy that allows us to have visibility on events of great attraction that take place in Barcelona (sonar, fairs, Circuit de Catalunya...).

Besides, we achieve a very relevant level of traffic and conversion from keywords related to tourist preferences (hotels that accept pets, hotels al gayxample, hotels near the airport...) for which we have worked on a structure of landing pages specific

The power of details

The CMS used by the website it did not allow generating a Sitemap.xml file. We found an external solution that generated this file with the necessary periodicity and in an automated way.

Inbound Marketing is a discipline where the general principles are easy to understand and apply. The vocation to deepen makes the difference. The secret is in the details.


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