EurekaKids: Improve Kids' eCommerce SEO

EurekaKids they needed an eCommerce SEO boost children's for your website. We worked together with the eCommerce developers who already had EurekaKids to contribute SEO Friendly solutions to the structure of the site, to the structure of the pages, to the resolution of each element... Based on this audit and development support, we set up a project to work on SEO optimization, Google Adwords, link earning, optimization of copies, web analytics (specific on traffic and organic conversion).

Through SEO, and optimizing the AdWords campaign, in the first year we managed to increase the global turnover volume (5 markets) by 35% and grow 50% in the number of transactions.

Specifically in Spain it was the 45% in billing and the 70% in orders. To put this success in context, it should be borne in mind that, this same year, the average growth of eCommerce retail in Spain was 23%.

The power of details

A EurekaKids, product listing pages have a general text description that can be expanded or collapsed. This allows us to work on SEO-oriented texts without affecting usability.

Inbound Marketing is a discipline where the general principles are easy to understand and apply. The vocation to deepen makes the difference. The secret is in the details.


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