How to Add an Administrator to your Facebook Page: Step by Step Guide

Add an Administrator to your Facebook Page

You need help for add an admin to your Facebook page? Here we explain how to do it simply and quickly. This guide is designed so that anyone, regardless of their Facebook experience, can easily follow the steps.

Access your Facebook Page

To grant access you need to be the owner of the page to elect administrators. Also, you have to choose these new permissions from the page, not from the personal account.

Add administrators

If you have a Facebook page you can include admins to help you manage your page. In this case there is no limit to the number of users who have a determining role on the page.

Just as you are the administrator of your page, you can give this access to another user, both absolute and partial with this rank they have the option to administer the page. And if they have absolute control, that person can add people, remove someone from the page, or delete the page: ⚠️ It's super important to be careful who you choose as your page admin ⚠️

How to add an administrator to your Facebook page?

  • Enter your page and click on Administer > Access to the page.
  • In the 'People with access to Facebook' section, 'Add another person'.
  • Click on next and write the name or email of the user.
  • Click on Grant access for partial control.
  • Click on the tab full control and then Grant access.
  • complete your password and Confirm.
Add an Administrator to your Facebook Page How to Add an Administrator to your Facebook Page: Step by Step Guide

Modify accesses

Like everything in social networks you can make any changes you want in the ranks of administrators.

✅ You can both edit and remove access to a user:

  • To edit access: within your page go to Administer and Access the page.
  • In each person you have three points horizontally, click on it and Edit access.
  • Check or uncheck each of the tabs.
  • Confirm with your password.

❌ To remove access:

  • On your page: Administer > Page Access.
  • Next to each user click on the three dots. Click Remove from page. Don't worry if at any time you want to remove admin access from your Facebook page, the social network makes it easy for you.

How to assign an administrator role

Now it's time to get down to business.

Go to your page where you want add administrators: In the left column click on Configuration.

Then tap on 'Page Roles'. In the 'Assign a new page role' section search for the user by name or email.

In 'Publisher' choose the role you want, administrator in this case. Tap on 'Add' and confirm with your password.

This option has a curious feature, and that is that if you don't have him on your friends list, he will have an invitation which, of course, he must accept in order to manage your page.

Change logins

As in the previous option of the new Facebook pages you have the option to remove roles or change them.

❌ To remove an administrator role

Go to your page and click Settings on the left side Page roles in the same column > Tap Edit on the user you want to delete > Click on delete > confirm with your password.

To change the role, follow the same steps but instead of removing simply change the role. You will probably also need to confirm with your password.

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