Digital Kit grant for castellan gangs 2023

Artic Agency presents the Digital Kit subsidy focused on castellar gangs. With this initiative, you will be able to get a professional and highly functional web page free. As well as you can also opt for expert management of social networks.
From Artic Agency we want to make it easy for you and that's why we take care of the entire management process.

Who is the Kit aimed at?

To all those Castelleras gangs that want to take advantage of the European Union's digital kit grant to create or update their website, have a community manager manage a social network for them for a year or implement a program for the management of the entity

Which gangs can access the Digital Kit grant?

To be able to access the Digital Kit for associations in 2023, the gang must have some economic activity and be registered under one of the headings of the IAE (Tax on Economic Activities). This declaration of registration is made through forms 036 or 037, which allow the economic activity of the association to be registered. Thus, associations can demonstrate their legitimacy to access this subsidy. It is also necessary that they have been in operation for more than 6 months (with CIF).

What does the Digital Kit for castellar gangs include?

The Digital kit subsidized by Artic Agency offers a number of benefits that will allow gangs to enjoy an effective and professional online presence for free.

The package of website and internet presence includes:

  1. Corporate Web Kit: We develop a bespoke and fully personalized website for the gang. The design will match the corporate colors and include the gang crest. The website will be developed with WordPress and Elementor technologies, allowing easy and intuitive content management.
  2. own domain: We provide a domain of your own for the group (.com, .org, .cat or .es, if you don't have one) during the first year, which will strengthen the online identity and make the website easier to remember.
  3. Responsive Design: The website will be adapted for all devices, including computers, tablets and mobile phones. This will ensure an optimal experience for visitors on whatever device they use.
  4. Basic SEO: We optimize the web page for search engines by analyzing relevant keywords, optimizing meta tags and other important factors for indexing and basic web positioning.
  5. Adaptation to the RGPD: We ensure that the website complies with the provisions of the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation), guaranteeing the privacy and security of user data.
  6. Accessibility AA: The website will be designed with AA accessibility to ensure that it is accessible to all people, including those with visual or hearing impairments.
  7. Technical support and training: We offer one year of technical support to solve any doubt or problem that may arise with the website. In addition, we provide basic training so that the association can manage the content of the page autonomously.
  8. Web Hosting: We have a reliable and secure web hosting system to ensure that the website is always accessible to visitors free of charge for the first year.

The package of management of social networks includes:

  1. Social Media Plan. Implementing a social media strategy aligned with the company's mission and vision that is relevant and connects with potential customers and builds loyalty among existing users.
  2. Monitoring of social networks. Periodic monitoring and control through reference metrics of the impact of the actions to quantify the results and verify that the strategy is being met.
  3. Network Optimization/Social Media Audit. Analysis of the different social channels to optimize their performance.
  4. Management of a social network. Administration of only one social network.
  5. Publication of monthly posts. Publication of a minimum of 4 monthly entries (posts) for an entire year.
digital kit for ong associations Digital Kit Grant for Associations 2023

How does the process work?

With Artic Agency, the entire process of managing the Digital Kit for Associations is done simply and without complications. Just contact us to start the process. We will take care of collecting all the necessary information, help you with the kit application and manage the entire grant process, technical justifications and more. You will only have to pay the VAT, which is €420.

We are interested! Fill out the form now

Take advantage of this opportunity for the gang! With the subsidized Digital Kit, you can get a professional and effective web page to spread your activities and reach more people, or professional management of the social network of your choice. Artic Agency is here to help you in the digital world.

Want more information?

If you need more information or need to discuss it with other members of the board, see real cases and finish clarifying doubts, we have prepared a PDF document where we explain all the basic doubts, examples of the services we offer and the steps to take to process it.

Get in touch with us today and start driving the gang in the digital realm. We take care of everything!

note: The Digital Kit offer is subject to availability and other conditions. Please contact us for more information and to find out if your gang qualifies for this grant.

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