Is Digital Kit Without VAT possible?

Digital Kit Without VAT

The management of the Digital Kit began many months ago and we have clients who have this great doubt. Is it possible to get the Digital Kit without VAT?…. And even if their quick answer is Yes, we have to ask you exceptions, conditions and other possible scenarios.

At Artic Agency, we are committed not only to driving the digitization of your company through the Digital Kit, but also to guide you on how to maximize the associated tax benefits, especially in terms of VAT. The digital transition is a door to efficiency and competitiveness, and we want to make sure you take advantage of every aspect of this opportunity, including the tax benefits.

The Digital Kit, an initiative supported by funds from the European Union, facilitates access to subsidized digital solutions for small and medium-sized companies, as well as the self-employed. However, the doubt arises: how is VAT handled in these grants?

Digital Kit Without VAT Is Digital Kit Without VAT possible?

Do you have to pay VAT on the Digital Kit?

The short answer is yes. Although companies benefiting from the Digital Kit receive financial aid to implement digital solutions, the current law stipulates that they must pay VAT on this aid. This VAT, however, can be deducted on your next tax return, providing significant relief to the beneficiaries.

VAT relief: A Key Benefit

Although the companies and self-employed beneficiaries of the Digital Kit must initially pay the VAT on the services purchased, this tax is deductible in the next tax return. This provision provides an opportunity for recover these costs, easing the initial financial burden and enhancing the return on investment in digitization.

Digital Kit Without VAT: A Possibility for Some

An interesting peculiarity of the Spanish tax system is the possibility that certain businesses may be exempt from paying VAT on digital services due to their special tax regime, depending on your location and the nature of the transaction. This knowledge is part of the comprehensive consultancy we offer, always looking for better tax conditions for our customers, regardless of its location.

Digitization and Fiscal Optimization

With Artic Agency, implementing the Digital Kit is just the beginning. Our 360º approach does not only cover selection and implementation of the most appropriate digital tools for your business, but also includes strategic planning that considers tax optimization, especially with regard to VAT.

From SEO and SEM consulting that improves your online visibility, through web maintenance that ensures the optimal functionality of your site, to effective social media management that connects with your audience.

Digital Kit Without VAT 1 Digital Kit Without VAT is possible?

By adopting the Digital Kit with Artic Agency, you are not only investing in tools and solutions that will transform your business, but you are also ensuring that every step is taken with a complete strategic vision, including handling and optimizing VAT. Our mission is to make sure your digital transition is as profitable as it is transformative.

The Digital Kit offers an excellent opportunity for Spanish SMEs and freelancers to advance on this path. However, the efficient management of the VAT associated with the aid received is crucial to maximize the benefits of this program. We accompany you every step of the way, ensuring that your business is not only digitally transformed with the Digital Kit, but that you also make the most of tax opportunities, such as relief and, in certain cases, exemption from VAT.

We are here to make your leap into the digital future safe, profitable and fully utilized.

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