New call for the Digital Kit for property communities, agricultural holdings and civil societies!

New call for the Digital Kit

We are pleased to announce that has published in the Official State Gazette the long-awaited new call for the Digital Kit, intended for the digitization of property communities, agricultural holdings of shared ownership and professional and civil societies with a commercial purpose. This initiative will allow these entities to access their digital voucher to promote their digital transformation and improve their competitiveness in the market.

Who can benefit?

1. Communities of property, civil companies with a commercial purpose, professional civil companies and agricultural holdings of shared ownership, whose tax domicile is located in Spanish territory, included in the Segments established in article 7.2 of the Regulatory Bases:

a) Segment I: Small companies between 10 and less than 50 employees. €12,000

b) Segment II: Small companies or Micro-companies between 3 and less than 10 employees. €6000

c) Segment III: Small companies or Micro-companies between 0 and less than 3 employees. €2000

2. They must be registered in the Census of entrepreneurs, professionals and withholding agents of the State Tax Administration Agency or in the equivalent census of the Regional Tax Administration, which must reflect the economic activity effectively carried out on the date of request for the aid, and have a minimum seniority of six months, as provided in article 8.1. b) of the Regulatory Bases.

3. In addition, the beneficiaries must comply with the rest of the requirements established in article 8 of the Regulatory Bases:

a) Not having the consideration of a company in crisis in accordance with the provisions of article 2.18 of Regulation (EU) no. 651/2014, of 17 June 2014 and Regulation (EU) no. 2021/1237 of the Commission, of July 23, 2021, as contained in Annex II of the Regulatory Bases.

b) Be aware of tax obligations and Social Security.

c) Not be subject to a pending recovery order after a previous decision by the European Commission that has declared aid illegal and incompatible with the common market.

d) Not be subject to any other of the prohibitions provided for in article 13.2 of Law 38/2003, of November 17, General Subsidies. These prohibitions must also affect those companies which, due to the people who govern them or other circumstances, can be presumed to be a continuation or to derive, through transformation, merger or succession, from other companies in which have attended those.

e) Not to exceed the minimum aid limit, in accordance with the provisions of article 2.4 of the Regulatory Bases.

f) Have the evaluation of the Digital Maturity Level, in accordance with the diagnostic test available on the Accelera pime platform (

4. Annex I of this Call sets out the necessary documentation to prove compliance with the requirements indicated above, as well as the form and time of their presentation.

New call for the Digital Kit New call for the Digital Kit for property communities, agricultural holdings and civil societies!

Those who cannot benefit from it?

a) The natural or legal persons who are Affiliated Digitizing Agents, or those with whom they contract or subcontract for the provision, in whole or in part, of digitization solutions, in accordance with article 7.4 of the Regulatory Bases.

b) Self-employed persons who are considered self-employed or self-employed collaborators, in the terms provided for in the applicable regulations, in accordance with article 7.4 of the Regulatory Bases.

c) The temporary unions of companies (UTE), in accordance with article 7.4 of the Regulatory Bases.

d) Natural or legal persons who have obtained the status of beneficiary in one of the calls for the Digital Kit Program.

e) Public companies and entities governed by public law. OFFICIAL GAZETTE OF THE STATE No. 174 Saturday, July 22, 2023 Sec. VB. Page 36022 cve: BOE-B-2023-22273 Verifiable at

f) Professional associations, civil societies (with the exception of civil societies with a commercial purpose and professional civil societies), communities of owners in a horizontal ownership regime or any other type of economic unit or separate heritage that does not have legal personality.

When can you apply?

The formalization of the requests will be active from next September 12, through the electronic headquarters of This new call has an initial budget of 100 million euros, expandable, and aims to improve the competitiveness and level of digital maturity of these entities.

The details of this new call can be consulted in the BOE, where the requirements for applying for aid, the obligations contracted by the beneficiaries, the important maximum aid for each category of digitization solutions, the justification, the payment and the control of the implementation of the solutions, among other aspects.

When is the submission deadline?

It will remain open until December 31, 2024 and we are pleased to be an active part of this new call and offer our support and experience to entities that wish to digitize and qualify for this aid.

If you are part of a community of property, an agricultural holding of shared ownership or a civil society with a commercial purpose, do not hesitate to contact us to explain how we can help you get your digital voucher and get you on your way to successful digital transformation.

Digitization is key to ensuring the competitiveness and long-term success of your business. We are here to help you throughout the process and make your digitization project a complete success. We will wait for you!

Don't miss this opportunity!

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