Subsidy of the Digital Kit for Advanced Internet Presence

Digital SEO kit

Place your business at the top of the search engines: increase the traffic of visits and the acquisition of new customers with the best SEO strategy.

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SEO audit

We study your business, website, services and products to detect which are your strong points and which are currently penalizing your positioning. We assess your internet presence to develop an optimal SEO strategy.
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Keyword analysis

We define the 10 most relevant keywords for your business. By using the right language on your website, you will get it to rank better in search results.
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On-Page SEO

We optimize and redesign the structure and internal content of your website to improve On-Page SEO. We apply the most suitable formatting and writing techniques to ensure that your website has a good position on the internet.
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Off-Page SEO

We run off-site actions to improve local organic positioning. We enter basic business information into business directories so users can easily find and contact you.
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Google My Business

We retrieve or register your business listing on the Google My Business platform. We carry out an initial optimization of the listing so that you have a complete profile and improve your local positioning in Google.
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Monthly monitoring report

Know the status and evolution of your website's search engine positioning with our monitoring reports. We present the most relevant analytical and comparative data monthly in a practical, visual and understandable way.
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And also…

  • Support and resolution of doubts via telephone or online
  • Possibility to hire a follow-up service after the initial 12 months
  • Possibility to hire management of Google My Business
  • Training session to know how to understand and interpret monitoring reports


All our digital solutions are 100% eligible for the Digital Kit. Continuity with any solution after the eligible period is optional and we will always ask for your consent before renewing the license to use it.

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