Aleix Comas: corporate website with the Digital Kit

corporate website with the Digital Kit

A corporate website with the Digital Kit is a complete solution designed to improve the online presence of companies.

This set of tools was carried out for this corporate website:

Professional web design: the new corporate website by Aleix Comas is a testament to first-class web design. The project involved the development of a professional and personalized web design for the psychologist, with the aim of creating a attractive and functional online presence. The design focused on conveying serenity and professionalism, using a soft color palette and graphic elements that evoke tranquility and confidence. The structure of the site was planned to offer intuitive navigation, allowing visitors to easily find information about the services offered, biography of the professional and how to arrange appointments. It's attractive, easy to navigate and reflects the essence of your business.

On-Page SEO Search Engine Optimization: We implemented an SEO strategy included with the digital kit to improve the website's search engine visibility. This included the optimization of metadata, the use of specific keywords related to psychology and the services offered. We also worked on the technical optimization of the site to improve loading speed and user experience, key factors for positioning in search engines like Google.

GDPR Adaptation: adaptation to the RGPD is essential for the protection of the privacy of individuals and for avoid penalties and fines by the supervisory authorities. To comply with European data protection regulations (RGPD), we adapted the website by incorporating clear and accessible privacy policies, as well as settings for explicit cookie consent. This ensures that the website complies with legal requirements and offers transparency and security to users in the handling of their personal data.

AA accessibility: in order to make the website accessible to as many users as possible, including those with disabilities, we installed and configured an accessibility plugin. This plugin allows you to adjust the website to AA accessibility standards, offering features such as text resizing, high contrast and keyboard navigation, thus ensuring that the site is more inclusive.

Content marketing: We develop a content marketing strategy focused on highlighting the psychologist's expertise and providing value to site visitors. This included creating and optimizing the blog section on topics relevant to the field of psychology, emotional well-being tips and answers to common questions. Content not only serves to educate and inform the audience, but also to improve SEO and foster brand engagement.

The new corporate website with Aleix Comas' Digital Kit is an example of excellence, it is a reflection of his commitment to quality and innovation. Its design is modern, attractive and easy to use, which provides an exceptional user experience. In addition, SEU optimization ensures that your site is easily found by those looking for your services online.

corporate website with the Digital Kit Aleix Comas: corporate website with the Digital Kit

Why a corporate website with Kit Digita?

A corporate website with the Digital Kit is a safe bet for any company that wants to stand out in today's digital environment. This combination not only improves the visibility and online positioning of the brand, but also facilitates a more fluid and direct communication with customers. The Digital Kit, with its tools and resources for digitization, it allows companies to project themselves into the digital worldl. it should be noted that it is a non-refundable grant financed by the European Union and the requirements are very simple.

We will take care of everything to obtain the grant and start your project.

This corporate website with the Digital Kit is an example of what can be achieved with a strategic approach to digital marketing. It shows how using the right tools and a well-executed strategy can transform a company's online presence.

It is a testament to our commitment to excellence in digital marketing and the ability to help other companies stand out in the digital world.

If you're looking to improve your online presence and get measurable results, the Digital Kit is the perfect choice.

If you're looking to improve your online presence and achieve measurable results, Artic Agency is the expert you need on your side.


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