Lefebvre Sarrut: Multinational corporate web design

Multinational corporate web design

Multinational corporate web design: Lefebvre Sarrut, the multinational leader in legal and tax information services in Europe, entrusted Artic Agency with redesign and development from their main website. The goal was to offer its customers a modern online platform, easy to navigate and with an impeccable user experience. The result was a place first class corporate website which significantly improves the digital presence of Lefebvre Sarrut and strengthens its position as market leader.

Multinational corporate web design
Web design Lefebvre Sarrut

First, we performed a website audit existing to identify areas of improvement needed. Afterwards, we worked in collaboration with the Lefebvre Sarrut team to develop an action plan which included the creation of a new information structure, a new navigation, a more attractive design and better optimization of search engines (SEO).

Our design team created one modern aesthetics and consistent for the main page and internal pages of the website, using relevant imagesif a well-thought-out color palette to convey Lefebvre Sarrut's brand. The information structure was organized logically, facilitating navigation for users and improving the usability of the site.

In addition, several key functionalities were implemented on the website, such as a smart search bar, a news and events section, and quick access to tools by Lefebvre Sarrut.

In terms of search engine optimization, we ensured that the website met the necessary technical requirements to improve your positioning in the search results.

woman working on an imac mockup on a wooden desk a21170 1 Lefebvre Sarrut: Multinational corporate web design

We also worked on creating valuable and relevant content as well as implementing a link building strategy to improve domain authority.

The end result is a modern website, functional and aesthetically attractive which provides an optimal user experience for Lefebvre Sarrut customers. Also, thanks to ours SEO strategies and content, the website has got more traffic and better positioning in the search results.

At Artic Agency we are proud to have worked on the multinational corporate web design project and to be part of Lefebvre Sarrut's success story.

Why hire Artic agency for the creation of a corporate web design?

In Artic Agency, we are a digital agency with a wide experience and professionalism in web design and development, digital marketing and branding. We have a team of highly qualified professionals who have worked on many successful projects.

One of the main benefits of hiring us is our customization capability. Every project we carry out is adapted to specific needs of the client In the case of corporate web design multinational, we will work in a personalized way to offer you unique and effective solutions that fit the needs of your company.

Our goal is to be a strategic ally for your company, helping them achieve success and stand out in their sector, we focus on creating a experience of user intuitive and easy to use. We will take care that the navigation is clear and simple for visitors, and that the information be relevant easily accessible.

let's continue working and improving continuously for our customers. We strive for offer them innovative and effective solutions that allow them to stand out in a market every time more competitive. We are committed to providing a quality service, focused on needs of our customers and in theirs commercial goals, as we did this multinational corporate web design.

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